Services-orientated software platform and gateway for hedge fund trading, market makers and brokers.
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Trading technology developed together with traders

Trading software for the professional trader providing sophisticated tools for worldwide trading

Our software allows our clients to run multi-market, multi-currency trading strategies from one single account and one trading screen.

T8 Software Consulting enables traders and investors to access global financial markets through a diverse range of brokerage companies, ranging from Prime Brokers such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch to general platforms such as Interactive Brokers. The system supports both broker-provided data feeds, and external providers such as Thompson Reuters.

Developed alongside a community of experienced traders

The software was designed by professionals from the trading community and implemented by a team with substantial experience in trading software development. These joint efforts have resulted in optimized trading screens and functionality, allowing you to deal with the most challenging trading environment as if you were on a professional trading floor.

Trade and manage global investment portfolios

The system connectivity allows for 24 hour worldwide trading on all major exchanges. Trade and manage global investment portfolios whenever you need to. Simultaneously trade in multiple markets and apply multi-currency strategies, from one account and from one trading screen.

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Trading Certified

Software for the professional

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Trading software built for professional traders, fund managers and retail investors.

The Typhoon Trader® is a professional software package for click trading in exchange listed stock, options and futures.

Typhoon Trader® is used by market professionals like proprietary trading companies and hedge funds to trade and manage a global book through a single application. It has an intuitive interface for entering orders, monitoring positions and performing risk analysis.

The main features are:

  • Real Time Greeks and P&L
  • One Click Trading
  • Risk Analysis
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Multi Currency Support

The Tornado Trading Toolkit enables the user to develop, test and implement low-latency trading scripts for automated trading.

The Nitro trading system is an automated software tool using instantly scalable Microservices to call trading services immediately when required at the job. Our Direct Market Access (‘DMA’) solution enables trading in all time zones and in all major markets.

trading platforms

T8 Software Consulting enables traders and investors to access the global financial markets through a wide range of (prime) brokers, such as Interactive Brokers and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The system provides state-of-the-art pricing models for derivatives trading, combined with portfolio management and risk management functionality, offering the user an optimal tool to simultaneously trade, manage portfolios and monitor risk.

Improving the system together with the traders

As a trader, you often come across new opportunities and ideas to execute your trading strategies better and faster. Generally, this means an adjustment or addition to the software. It is crucial to implement such a technical update quickly so the trader can test it. At the same time, current software in production must keep running in a stable unchanged state. By using Microservices combined with a solid architectural DNA and optimized develop-deploy workflow, those experiments, new releases and patches can be performed all together.


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Connectivity to all major global exchanges: trade in all time zones

The technical solution to trade in all time zones

Our software allows our clients to run multi-market, multi-currency trading strategies from one single account and one trading screen. By partnering with major prime brokers as well as with technologically-advanced brokerage firms such as Interactive Brokers, we enable our clients to trade and manage global investment portfolios.

Besides providing trading software, T8 Software Consulting has partnered with an education firm to provide our clients with extensive training in software usage and implementing trading strategies.
Clients can join our virtual trading academy to improve their trading skills and investment ideas. T8 Software Consulting is a key software sponsor of several academic trading laboratories in the Asia Pacific region and mainland China.

Serving the major markets

Our trading software runs on the major platforms of various global (prime) brokers. The interface has been tailored and optimized to achieve fast order execution, while also allowing for the monitoring of risk and the simulation of trading strategies in real time. In other words, we provide effective and professional access to all the global stock and derivatives markets.

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Solve the time zone gap when Volatility explodes

With its excellent pricing models and multiple market access, T8 Software Consulting’s software is particularly suited for global volatility arbitrage trading. When market events happen, discrepancies in volatilities provide trading opportunities in global markets. While speed is a core focus in our software development, we strongly believe that other factors such as span-of-control and overview are at least as important as low latency for profitable volatility trading.

Proprietary, Volatility and Retail trading

As our developers have decades of software development expertise for professional market makers, we designed our trading screen setup similar to professional traders. This includes an easy overview of the current market situation, with various color settings to alert users to changes in the market. All the screens can be configured to suit the specific trader's needs to get easy working screens for quick order entries.

The design of the screen provides the trader with a snapshot of implied volatilities, theoretical values and order books. This snapshot can contain any series and strikes of both index and single stock options. All the columns can be changed according to your own personal setup to create the perfect personalized view of your trading screen.

With its excellent pricing models and multiple market access, the software is used by our clients for global volatility arbitrage trading. The differences between realized and implied volatilities are generating opportunities in the global markets. Although speed is a core rule in our software development, we strongly believe that there are several factors besides low latency that impact profitable trading.

T8 Software Consulting is used by retail investors. The ease of order entry, portfolio overview and risk analyses make it ideal for retail investors. The "one account solution” and the “one point access” to the major global equity and derivatives markets make the software very useful for private investors.

Scale and expand in seconds


Microservices make your trading business scalable. Instantly.

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Expand massively and quickly

By using various different small services and by combining those services in various ways, we have created a flexible and scalable system adjusted to the actual needs of users. These combined services can be expanded quickly without losing any performance on the total delivery of the services.

With Microservices, the trading system simply multiplies the active instances adjusted to the demand, for example in case of huge volatility or other trading situations where high performance is needed. Whether the explosive capacity is needed for a few seconds or for several days, the system keeps working perfectly.

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Multiple instances for different tasks

Besides the explosive capacity, Microservices can execute various tasks without losing performance. If there is a demand for many different or complex tasks, those tasks will be distributed over several instances. Those instances work simultaneously and expand again when the load gets higher.

In this way, the complexity of tasks is handled by the trading software to deliver those tasks quickly and accurately. On top of complexity, the system can also scale quickly on capacity.

You can use all the features and modules while maintaining smooth performance.

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Shorten the software update cycle and test ideas faster

Microservices combined with an optimized development workflow enables IT to handle and deploy multiple ‘new experiments’ quickly without influencing the production environment.

The number of ‘experiments’ can be endless and the iteration from idea to deployment can be performed faster. The Microservice used for the ‘experiment’ can stay active as long as needed.

Releasing software updates more often also reduces the need to apply patches (bug fixes).

The system improves at high speed and keeps up with the traders’ need to ensure the competitive advantages that result in maximizing profits for their clients.

Consultancy by T8 Software

Establishing a software-defined data center architecture is only the first step to a more efficient management and operations process that keeps pace with evolving IT platforms. Our consultants can develop the enterprise management capabilities needed to drive performance, compliance and efficiency in the cloud environment.

The new IT world requires a new approach to implementing processes, technologies, and skill sets. Equally important, the organizational culture must be revitalized, and allowed to be implemented across the entire enterprise. Our IT consultants provide the insight and expert guidance needed in the areas of people, process, and technology to help transform the operational processes and organizational structures to realize the greatest value from T8 Software Consulting and consultancy implementation, while giving your IT team hands-on experience to build and maintain IT platforms.

Our consultants use their unrivaled knowledge of best practices, and employ lessons learned through many successful engagements to ensure the success of these projects.

The Professional Services can help your firm to move forward. Our consultants are highly-trained, experienced experts that know how to tailor solutions to your unique business requirements, using a comprehensive approach.

We will ensure the ability to quickly roll out new applications and services to the right users at the right time. These processes are often manual, time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to control. Our approach and technology will optimize these processes and ensure the smooth running of software updates. By using the services-based technology and set-up, you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with downtime again.

Building and implementing the company’s virtualized infrastructure is only the first step. The real value is unleashed through efficient management and operations that keep pace with your evolving IT platforms. Our expert consultants’ expertise, insight, and ability to customize best practices to your requirements, will help reduce risk and eliminate downtime, accelerate the delivery of infrastructure and application services, and prepare your team to effectively manage these efficient and optimized environments.