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Typhoon Trader Software

Exchange listed stock, options and futures

Typhoon Trader is a professional program for trading in exchange listed stock, options and futures. The software is designed by professionals from the trading community and implemented by a team with long time experience in trading software development.

Main features:
  • Real Time Greeks and P&L
  • One Click Trading
  • Risk Analysis
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Multi Currency Support

The result is an intuitive interface for entering orders, monitoring positions and risk analysis. The connectivities of Thomson Reuters and Merrill Lynch allow for trading 24 hours per day worldwide on all the major exchanges.
This approach makes it possible to trade and manage a global book with just one application. Currently Typhoon Trader is used by market professionals like proprietary trading companies and hedge funds.

Real time greeks and P&L:

  • Available for different levels from expiration level to global position
  • Allows values to be shown in own currency or in a base currency
  • Support for base currency allows calculation of a global Greek Position and P&L

Risk management

The software supports real-time calculation of theoretical prices and greeks like delta, gamma, theta and vega. Combined with the position management this allows for real-time monitoring of your risk and also an up-to-date reflection of your P&L. Next to this we also provide a Risk Analysis module to run several scenarios which allows you to check your greek positions and P&L for a range of different market situations. The software also supports multiple currencies and by using a base currency it’s possible to have an overview of all your positions and P&L in one currency. This is especially useful when using the multi-market access functionality of the system.

Order Security Settings:
  • Maximum Order Size
  • Minimal Profit Warning/Error for order entry
  • Warning on missing theoretical prices
General Security Settings:
  • Pull all orders functionality
  • Warning for invalid risk parameters
  • Position limits
Screen typhoon Trader
Pricing Options:
  • Choice between real dividends or expiration level dividends
  • Business days and calendar days are supported
  • Black Scholes and Binomial Tree models available
  • Time Decay
  • Support for multiple volatility models
Screen typhoon Trader


  • Interactive Brokers
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Merrill Lynch FIX 4.2
  • Market / Order
  • Market
  • Order