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Mission Statement and Strategy

Who we are

T8 SOFTWARE / Typhoon Trader is a software development company that provides traders and investors with fast multi market access trading software.

What we do

Our software is based on decades of experience gathered in trading and software development. The technology and functionalities were previously only available for professional proprietary traders. While we have maintained the focus on speed (low-latency) and robustness in engineering our software, we have specialized in new innovative trading functionalities and multi-market access strategies.

What do we stand for

Development of trading software that is fast, robust and easy to use!

Why we do it

We strongly believe that the need for excellent, fast, multiple markets trading software with professional trader functionalities should also be available for the “non-professional” traders and market participants.

What markets are we serving

Our trading software runs on the major platforms of the global prime brokers trading platforms. The API has been tailored and optimized to achieve fast order execution, while also allowing to monitor risk and simulate trading strategies in real time. So effectively, we provide professional access to all the global stock and derivatives markets.

What benefits do we offer

Our software allows our clients to run multiple market, multiple currency trading strategies from one account, from one trading screen. By partnering with major prime brokers as well as with technologically advanced brokerage firms such as Interactive Brokers, we enable our clients to trade and manage global investment portfolios. Besides providing trading software, T8 SOFTWARE partnered with True Partner Education where our clients get extensive training in software usage and implementing trading strategies. Clients can join our virtual trading academy to improve their trading skills and investment ideas. T8 SOFTWARE is a key software sponsor of several academic trading laboratories in the Asia Pacific region and mainland China.

how we solve our customers' problems

Through our global partner network, we can offer our clients a 24 hours support level. The application is updated via a simple internet connection and runs on basic machines. Besides this service we strive in getting our clients smarter with our own virtual training and education center. Through intensive training courses, we can coach our clients to optimally use the functionalities the program offers and therewith to ensure that our clients are well equipped in today's hectic financial markets.

How we work

Besides building the best software for our clients we continuously aim at innovating our trading software and expertise further and enhancing it with the latest “hot” functionalities for trading purposes. Besides the input of traders and end-users, we recruit the best engineers for the development of our trading software. Extensive experience in developing professional trading software is a must for joining our development team. We strongly emphasize “Out of the box development thinking” to enable the continuous challenge of trading software development. Keeping a strong link with academia through our education centers keeps us current with the latest developments in software development.