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Frequently Asked Questions

How many markets are covered by Typhoon Trader?

By using our (prime) brokers DMA networks all the major markets are accessible via the T8 global market data connector.

What products can be traded with the software?

Options, Futures, Stocks and ETF’s

What are the pricing models available?

Black & Scholes (Index Options) and Binomial Trees (Single Stock Options)

How is the risk management done?

The software shows real time profit & loss and Greeks. By using the risk analyses, traders can simulate different scenarios.

Is there a (group) portfolio over view?

The system enables group trading by proving combined portfolio and risk overviews

Who uses this trading software?

Professional traders, hedge funds, brokers, proprietary trading groups, retail investors, clients of partner broker firms (Interactive Broker Technology Partner)

Has the software been certified?

T8 Software consulting and it’s trading software has been approved as Technology Partner of Interactive Brokers and runs on the Merrill Lynch DMA

What platform runs it on?

Windows XP Home Edition or higher Windows Vista or Windows 7 with .Net 4 installed

What are the hardware requirements?

Intel® 1.5 GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM, 1024 x 768 Resolution and video hardware acceleration

What active financial market data vendors are supported?

Thomson Reuters, Interactive Brokers

Does it allow group trading?

The software enables group positions overviews (observatory) and risk management simulations

Does the software have a quoting facility?

The software doesn’t support quoting facility and is purely based on orders.

Does it support co-location?

All the software runs on one machine

Which (prime) brokers are supporting the software?

Interactive Brokers, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

How do I receive the updates?

Via the internet or client support website

How is the support organized?

The software has online help functionality. Via education and our virtual trading academy we educate our client to optimize software usage.

Is there on-line help functionality?

Both in the software and on the web are trading manuals and support available

Are there training courses / web seminars?

Via our partner organization True Partner Education ( we organize training and education sessions and seminars for our clients. Also via the client site of our partner organizations (education and brokerage) we try and service our client base.