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Different kind of trading styles

Professional proprietary trading

As our developers have decades of software development expertise for professional market makers, we designed our trading screen setup similar to these professional traders. Easy overview of the market situation, various color settings to alert changes in the market. All the screens can be configured to the traders need. Easy and quick order entry screens. The design of the screen enables the trader to have a snapshot of implied volatilities, theoretical values and order book in any series and strike of both index and single stock options. All the columns can be changed according to your own personal setup to create the perfect personalized view of your trading screen.

Volatility trading

The software with its excellent pricing models and multiple market access is used by our clients for global volatility arbitrage trading. The differences between realized volatilities and implied are generating opportunities in the global markets. Although speed is a core rule in our software development, we strongly believe that low latency is not the only factor that counts in profitable trading

Retail trading

T8 Software is used by retail investors. The easiness of order entry, portfolio overview and risk analyses make it ideal for retail investors. The “one account solution” and the “one point access” to the major global equity and derivatives markets make the software extremely useful for private investors.